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Cantina del Castello - Il vigneto

The vineyard


The vineyard

On the Soave Classico hills, there is Garganega and Trebbiano, the two main grape varieties of the area, which have their roots in the volcanic soil. From pruning to harvesting, a long and silent partnership between nature and craftmanship. The vineyard, of about twelve hectares on the hills of the classic zone, is sustainable and the work is exclusively done by hand.

Cantina del Castello - Il nostro vigneto

Monte Pressoni

In this area there are considerable differences in height, the soil is clayey with basaltic skeleton, poorly calcareous and weakly alkaline.

The selection of the best grapes grown here by Cantina del Castello gives birth to the Soave Classico Pressoni, a wine strongly linked to the Soave’s stylistic tradition. Due to both the growing conditions and the vinification process this wine even when young has a developed and full flavor. Even though excellent young this wine can continue an evolution of flavor when allowed to age in the bottle.

In the Valpolicella area, the ancient rows of vines are located about three hundred meters above the sea level and they are cultivated with the ancient method of Pergola Veronese. 

The terrain and soil gives the grapes a great body and structure perfect for aging red wines such as Ripasso della Valpolicella and Amarone.

Cantina del Castello - Monte Pressoni

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