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Cantina del Castello - Biodiversity


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 Protecting biodiversity today means committing to the conservation of natural habitats, being “friends ofbiodiversity” and acting responsibly for sustainability.

In 2010 the World Biodiversity Association proposed to farmers, the true custodians of the territory, a newprotocol based on sustainability and attentiveness to the conservation of natural resources.

Thus was born Biodiversity Friend®, the first standard in agriculture that measures a company’s performance interms of environmental, social and economic sustainability.

Biodiversity Friend® promotes and enhances sustainable agriculture, respectful of biodiversity, the territory thathosts it and the wildlife communities present in it. The Biodiversity Friend® protocol allows farms to undertake aprocess of gradual improvement of the environmental performance of the agrosystem, guaranteeing theconsumer quality products obtained from highly natural territories.

The main objective of the Biodiversity Friend® standard is to harmonize production and conservation, the onlyway to truly develop a sustainable plan that guarantees a future for the planet and for future generations.