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Cantina del Castello - passaggio segreto


The palace

Between history and legend

Cantina del Castello - Leggenda

“… in Soave, along Via Porta Vicentina, there is the ‘Palazzo dei Conti Sambonifacio’ which faces the Pittora court at midday, so named by the noble family Pittore di Verona who, as it is said, had this building erected, which later became the property of the Counts Sambonifacio. Inside, on the ground floor there are the primitive royal archivolts with underground cellars where there are secret tunnels, which, it is said, were connected with the castle of Soave…”

The name of where the palace stands dates back to a nobile family of historic Verona, the Pittora, who lived in the palace around the thirteenth century.

Later, the building became the property of the counts Sambonifacio, feudal lords who also owned the Castle of Soave.

On the north face of the building there in an epigraph that has verses from the Bible, Psalm 114 that the Knights Templar used as their motto.

“Not to us, O Lord, not to us, but to your name give glory”.



Cantina del Castello - Leggenda





The historical and intriguing underground cellar with its remarkable vaulted ceiling, entirely built with terracotta bricks grouted with lime mortar, today is the place where the refinement for Recioto di Soave Classico occurs. Here there is also the legendary secret tunnel, that story has it, once was a connection to the castle itself. Precisely for this reason the winery is called “Cantina del Castello

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