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In 2020, the year that we all remember as the year of COVID-19, here in the Cellar we did not give up and decided to start a large investment aimed at building a new underground cellar, restructuring the historic cellar and winery court yard.

The investment

The construction site for the work was a challenge that upset the company’s business for about two years. The work, given the location, required the utmost attention from everyone: construction company, craftsmen, technicians and no less ours, which we continued to work in the cellar despite the difficulties.

The investment was aimed at increasing the production spaces and improving the areas dedicated to hospitality. When we thought about the future of the winery and the conduct of its business, the choice fell on wanting to stay and make wine within the walls of the castle of Soave. What has been achieved will guarantee the possibility of growing without having to reposition the winery elsewhere.


Marco Carlesso, the owner, wanted to focus decisively on wine tourism, one of the cornerstones of wineries which, for various reasons, are attractive for wine lovers and/or simple passing visitors. Now, after the renovations, Cantina del Castello is able to offer its guests, whether they are small or large groups, a unique experience in the heart of Soave.


In addition to the increase in production space, the desire to increase production by exploring new expressions of Garganega has also led to a renewal of the bottling line which now appears to be at the forefront.

There are two new wines that will find a home in the new underground cellar and they will be presented to our customers in 2024.

One of the two versions is actually a return of our historic Acini Soavi label, whose production was suspended a few years ago. Acini Soavi was and will still be the version of Soave Classico aged for a few months in wooden barrels to give the Garganega a different evolution and a more important and long-lived structure.

The second version planned will be something more experimental regarding the world of Soave.

We don’t want to reveal too much here, but we confess that we can’t wait to taste it with you!

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