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The harvest season has ended and as happened for the past vintages, even this year the climate conditions are changing.

The imbalances between the seasons are increasing, leading to spring frosts, the increase in intense thunderstorms and hail alternating with scorching heat in summer


Climate change is a known problem that has been in the spotlight for some years. In agriculture, more than in other sectors, the consequences of change are increasingly evident


Cantina del Castello has focused a lot of attention on its environmental impact and for this reason, as announced in the previous article, it has also started a specific path aimed at the conservation of biodiversity on its land.

Below we illustrate the first steps and the first processes that we are implementing in order to reduce our impact on the environment around us.

The first step we wanted to take was to make our production eco-sustainable, by converting the managing style of the vineyards and the cellar from traditional to organic.


It is a long and difficult conversion in terms of time and actions to be completed, but we deemed it necessary to achieve our goal of reducing the company’s environmental impact. As some may already know, the conversion to organic requires three years of work in the vineyard and in the cellar in order to obtain the organic certification.

In practical terms, this step involves replacing the plant protection products used in traditional agriculture with copper and sulfur, which are among the few products authorized in the defense of the vineyard provided for by the regulation for organic farming

To ensure the best nutrition for our vineyards and for the soil itself, we will soon start with the practice of green manuring, which consists in planting cereals and other crops between the rows.

This action helps and protects the soil through:

  • Aumento della materia organica nel terreno;Increase of organic matter in the soil;
  • Slowing down the effects of erosion;
  • Maintenance of the nitric nitrogen content.

Green manuring, therefore, is an excellent way to fertilize the soil.

In the next articles we will explain to you the other activities that are planned such as, among the most curious, the construction of houses for insects!

As always, we thank you for the attention you have shown us!

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