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Cantina del Castello, always careful about the environment and the impact of human action on it, has decided to start a path aimed to obtain the certification of Biodiversity Friend.

To get this certification it is necessary to follow protocols that put a big emphasis on sustainability and reducing the human impact on the ecosystem that surrounds us.

With this article we will start telling you how this path began and in the next few articles we will tell you the next steps we need to take to be more eco-friendly.

What is Biodiversity?

First-of-all, it is important to understand what the word “biodiversity” means; sometimes people tend to take for granted the meaning of this word without really understanding what’s behind it.

The word “biodiversity” stands for richness of life on earth, this does not include only human being or animals but also other forms of life such as plants, microorganisms, and genetic material.

Biodiversity is important as it is at the heart of the development of an area, a habitat, and an ecosystem. Defending biodiversity also means preserving a territory. Scientific studies also show a close correlation between the loss of biodiversity and the increase in natural disasters.

In Italy the biodiversity situation is quite serious, for this the Ministry of the Environment decided to take part into a project called Natura 2000 to preserve the biodiversity as much as possible.

What is our goal?

Considering all this and understanding how much biodiversity is important for our planet, Cantina del Castello since years ago decided to reduce the human impact in the vineyards and take care of the richness of our soils by using a very small amount of chemical products and only if it is strictly necessary.

From this year, however, we want to do even more, and the goal is to increase the ecosystem in the vineyard thanks to the use of certain plants, green manures and populating animals in order to promote an optimal environment for the vineyards and for biodiversity!

Biodiversity is not only pursued by work in the vineyards, it is important also to communicate the importance of it and to manage the company in the greenest way possible by reducing the wasting of water or using green energy from solar panels.

In the next few months, we will show you our improvements!

We cannot wait to be BIODIVERSITY FRIEND, what about you? 😉

Sources used for the article; Fondo FASDA and ISPRA

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