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Today we talk about vine training systems…

With in the many different wine regions in italy, and abroad, there are a variety of methods for maintaing the vegetation of the vines. The choice of a specific training system requires the consderation of the grape the winery wants to grow and the type of soil and sun exsposure in the vineyard to get the best possibile conditions for the plant.

Our vineyards are located in the Classico area of Soave where the soil is primarly volcanic and calcareous. The vines are 230 meters above sea level on top of a hill named Pressoni. Thanks to this location, that is also oriented South-East, our vineyards can get great sun exposure throughout the day.

The training systems we use are: Pergola Veronese (a tradition training system) and Guyot


There are different varieties of the Pergola system (simple, double, trentina, veronese and romagnola) dependent on where it is used. The Pergola veronese system has a roof of leaves that form a 90 degree angle with the floor, instead of being diagonal, while the fruit hangs over head. The pruning of this training system requires 1-2 branches be left on the vine and each branch needs to have between 10 to 15 sprouts hroizontaly positioned.

The Pergola training system is suitable to use for fertile soils with good water availability. Advantages of pergola useage are that the grape vines can reach a good balance between vegetation and fruit production, with good sun exposure that helps in maturation. The disadvatages are related mostly to the high level of production per hectare, this can affect the quality of the fruit.


The other training system we use is Guyot, which we have in place for 2/3 of our vines

The Guyot training system has both a simple and double form. We use the simple form that has a single branch to produce the sprouts and fruit. With this system we can have higher quality fruit due to less production per hectare.

The pruning of Guyot system provides great air circulation around the fruit to prevent rot and good sun exposure of the leaves. However, there is a higher need of maintenance to cut off extra leaves during summertime with this system.

Guyot has proven to be particularly beneficial for the vines located on top of the hill.

Our choice to use both systems with the majority of Guyot is manly due to the willingness of keeping the traditional Pergola system for the older vines and the Guyot for the younger vines to reach a different quality of fruit.

With both systems we have the possibility of getting great quality from our grapes thanks to the perfect mix of freshness, sugar level and aroma.

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