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Cantina del Castello

The Soave wine region and its denomination (DOC) is divided in two areas: classic and extended.

The classical area is called that way to underline its historical origin.

The name classico can only be used by the wines that are produced with grapes coming from the classical area that is located between Soave and Monteforte d’Alpone.

In relation to the denomination of Soave, even if it is a small territory in terms of hectares, it presents multiple types of soils and terroir. In particular, the vineyards in the classical area are characterized by volcanic and basaltic soils. This characteristic has been inherited by the presence of volcanos during the Eocene period.

The Soave DOC area is one of the italian wine regions with the highest density of vineyards and in this area there are a lot of small pieces of land that are called UGA (unità geografica aggiuntiva) because each one of them has its own terroir with different soil, altitude and micro-climate.

The extended Soave area is mainly flat with alluvial and calcareous soil.

Our vineyards are all in the classical area and are mostly placed in the Pressoni vineyard. In the past this vineyard was called Praisoni, which means small yard because it is a small piece of land located in the heart of Soave classico. The soil is mainly volcanic mixed with calcareous.

The volcanic soil gives to our wines a great aromatic intensity with elegant smells of white and yellow pulp fruits, vegetal and mineral notes. 

These characteristics make our Soave wines, even our entry level Castello, wines with great quality.

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