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Cantina del Castello

Cantina del Castello is a winery located in the heart of Soave. This little medieval town has about 7 thousand people and it is a real pearl located 20 km from Verona and 80 from Venice.

The rich soil and volcanic territory make the rolling hills around Soave the perfect place for growing vines and grapes. Soave represents the Italian values of good food, great landscape and good wine!

History, legends and important people in the past helped increasing the popularity of Soave, that is why it is well appreciated even overseas.

The name Soave itself, is harmonic simple and elegant as the wine is. But do you know where the name Soave comes from?

The main theory about the name Soave is related to the German people Svevi that came to Soave under the kingdom of Re Alboino. The actual name is indeed the evolution of the German tribe: Svevi, Suaves, Suevi, Soavi and finally Soave.

Another legend would tell you that it was Dante Alighieri that gave the name to the medieval village. The name Soave was given to the village after the homonymous name of the wine Soave in occasion of a banquet hosted in the castle.

It is not known exactly which legend holds the truth but, what is known is that the history and legends surrounding Soave have always captured the attention and the interest of people about this little village and always will.

This town has a lot to offer and a lot that deserves to be celebrated not just for the wine but also for its historic beauty. From the hilly landscapes it is possible to have an amazing view of the castle and the historic building in the town centre including the San Bonifacio palace that is where the winery is located.