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Cantina del Castello

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Evolution, changing and movement: dynamic words that are the best representation of Cantina del Castello.

The renovation of the company’s image starts from the logo, in order to  best reflect  the new goals and values of the winery that has its roots in the tradition and passion for the territory.

From a careful look at our origins, the idea was born to modernize the ancient coat of arms of the winery and the San Bonifacio family.

The elements that make up the ancient crest were: the shield, the castle and the rose window.

The modernization phase involved the simplifying of the original crest maintaining the most important and significant parts.

In the new logo of Cantina del Castello, past and present meet each other in a renewed graphic representation where the protagonists are the name of the winery in ancient script and the simplified and renovated elements of the historic crest.

On the 29th of July we hosted an event, Behind the Label, at the winery where we told the story of our new path to journalists and bloggers of the wine industry.


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